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The Challenge: You have two weeks to build IT infrastructure for a new building on the other side of town. How can you connect this facility to the enterprise network in time and within your tight budget?
The Solution: Wireless broadband. 
We provides secure, fast and reliable wireless network connectivity that’s easy to deploy. No more hassle and expense of installing and maintaining E1/T1 or other leased lines and no delay and cost of obtaining a permit and trenching to lay your own fiber lines. Wireless broadband eliminates costly recurring service fees. The initial investment can be redeemed in a matter of months as the return on your investment continues for years.

Wireless broadband the alternative
to expensive leased lines and specially
deployed fiber for efficient communication


Monthly service fees for E1/T1 leased lines substantially increase your operating costs. There are no recurring fees for wireless broadband. You own the network with a one time fee and your monthly operating costs are significantly reduced. As the network operates on unlicensed frequency bands, there are no licensing fees. Laying fiber cable is expensive and time consuming. Delays can cost money while you wait for city permits and work crews to trench and install cable in the streets and buildings. Wireless broadband eliminates these delays and costs. When connecting your business with a Netronics wireless link, costs are redeemed in a matter of months and return on investment is ongoing


Built-in, hardware based, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption ensures uncompromising 128 bit security to prevent unauthorized access to your network. Plus, optional encryption software supports FIPS-197 for an additional layer of security. Workgroups and individual users can be granted or restricted from accessing particular segments of your network by easily establishing any number of virtual local area network (VLAN). Sophisticated and secure network management options ensure that only authorized personnel, from secure devices will be able to manage your network. As there are fewer hardwired access points, a Netronics wireless link provides better protection for your business assets and intellectual property than any cable-based network.


Eliminate the expense, time and trouble of installing landline infrastructure and enjoy the freedom to easily expand your fast wireless network as your business grows. The added bandwidth provided by a Netronics wireless network offers the flexibility to take advantage of technologies and applications that were previously unavailable. Video conferencing, video surveillance, digital voice calling (VoIP), and Wi-Fi can all be delivered wirelessly, securely and seamlessly over the network. Wirelessly connecting a remote facility gives complete secure access to the network for digital asset sharing from a single server and Internet service from a single wireless connection.


Today’s graphics and media bandwidth-intensive applications, demand the speed delivered by a Netronics wireless broadband network. E1/T1 landlines were once considered fast, providing consistent data rates of 1.5 – 2 Mbps. Netronics high capacity wireless networks offer secure net data throughput over 108 Mbps, making possible the delivery of simultaneous data, voice and video applications.


As an all-IP solution, a Netronics wireless broadband link is an integral part of your network. It can be used with devices such as an IP PBX, to expand telephony networks, video surveillance cameras, WiMAX solutions for roaming mobile access and new emerging technologies designed to take advantage of the power of wireless broadband.


Installing a Netronics wireless network connection is fast and easy. There’s no need to acquire city permits or dig up the street, unlike constructing a cabled building to building infrastructure. Wireless broadband simplifies IT management by eliminating the need to install additional servers in a remote building and maintain multiple instances of enterprise applications. Netronics wireless products are an integral part of your network, making network management easy.


Our wireless network solutions enable you to connect remote locations at a distance of up to 30 miles. They are ruggedly constructed to withstand harsh environments and have a proven reliability. Netronics wireless broadband solutions utilize advanced OFDM non-line-of-sight (NLOS) technology to ensure reliability even in areas without line-of-sight and in extreme weather conditions
Corporate IT Applications

Corporate IT Applications

Wireless broadband offers a secure connection to a wide variety of enterprise applications: network file server, email, ERP and other shared resources without the need to install multiple software instances.
IP Telephony

IP Telephony

Meeting the needs of even high-volume call centers, a Netronics point-to-point wireless network enables up to 1,000 simultaneous high-quality voice calls (VoIP), or 288 calls per sector in point-to-multipoint applications.
Wireless Building-to-Building Connectivity

Wireless Building-to-Building Connectivity

Connect enterprise offices and remote facilities. Provide broadband network access for video surveillance of office buildings, gates and other remote locations typically cost-prohibitive with E1/T1.
Outdoor Wi-Fi Connectivity

Outdoor Wi-Fi Connectivity

Using the migration path from WiFi to WiMAX you might have a WiMAX infrastructure connecting the WiMAX clients as well as the WiFi Access points connecting your fixed or nomadic WiFi Clients
Video Conferencing and Remote Training

Video Conferencing and Remote Training

Wireless point-to-point networks provide speeds up to 45 times faster than E1/T1. Point-to-multipoint wireless networks offer speeds up to 20 times faster than E1/T1. enabling increased capacity for seamless video conferencing and video training that was previously unaffordable.
Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Easily deploy video cameras for security and monitoring of remote buildings and open areas without the need to trench and lay cable.
Indoor Wireless Connectivity

Indoor Wireless Connectivity

Expand your wireless network with indoor wireless access. Indoor LAN compatibility enables your workforce to stay connected as they freely move throughout the company.

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