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Metropolitan & Rural Connectivity Solutions

“In the beginning, everywhere was rural. Innovation made the difference” Prince Anyin

“Knowledge-based economy” has to define the future. By knowledge-based economy, it suggests an economy that relies on knowledge for production and distribution of goods and service. Concentrating on material production without adequate knowledge of the business and socio-political environments can result to waste.

Our rural and technologically underserved communities still feed the urban areas though with communication challenges that has impacted negatively on their wealth creation, production and distribution. Being an important economic support structure to macro economy due to the strategic position these areas occupy in agriculture and tourism, we offer advanced broadband technologies with enhanced capacity, quality of service, toll-quality voice and fast data delivery with unique attributes to rural and underserved areas.

Our choice of “wireless broadband infrastructure” is premised on the fact that it offers potential to overcome unique challenges and traditional limitations of rural areas, especially, distance and access. Also, low tele-density, geographic remoteness, distance from markets and lower taxation base all combine to make it prohibitive to trench cables, build wire lines and develop hard communications network. Besides, most of these areas do not exist in clusters which make wireless infrastructure ideal and the solution of choice to integrate these areas into the mainstream of the information superhighway.


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