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Our People

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford

At Voice & Data Technologies Limited, we believe that only qualified and competent people can drive our innovation and deliver on our key business objectives. We have attracted and retained a reservoir of motivated and engaged people with vast experiences in different fields which cuts across telecommunications, computer science and engineering, economics, marketing and management.

Our principal officers bring with them a wealth of experience spanning well over a decade in their respected field of endeavour with a verifiable record of successes behind them. With core emphasis on technical support for efficient customer service, our people are constantly trained and retrained to ensure their experiences are updated to reflect the dynamics of the industry, and to be rightly positioned to support our customers effectively and efficiently too.

Our people are inventors, innovators and creators, driven with passion for excellence. We are focused on quality service delivery. We view our people as creators with experience in every manner that they conduct themselves, and this reflects how they are treated by management.

We understand that customers’ loyalty is not acquired but earned, hence,, we strive to earn the loyalty of our people through motivation, effective reward and incentives that ensure commitment and dedication to every project we undertake.

These have altogether resulted in a competitive advantage which we can summarise as:

  • A culture of Customer-First Mindset
  • A high sense of apathy
  • Understanding of customer’s perception of value
  • A commitment to high quality
  • High skills-set and all-round services
  • Knowledge-based resources
  • Speedy response to service call
  • High sense of value to our ATCON membership

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