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Our Customers

"Without great employees you can never have great customer service." Richard F. Gerson

Our customers and of course “you”, are very important to us. This is because your actions affect our results. Being the most important person ever to us means we depend on you because you keep us in business, and this understanding is the reason for our Customer-First mindset.

Building on this mindset means we maintain a relationship with our customers that is based on friendship; a friendship that is enduring, sustaining, supporting, attentive, dependable, listening and caring.

With customer loyalty as our value proposition, we maintain professional and motivated staff that are friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, reliable, responsive, engaging, presentable and accessible to our customers at any given point in time. No one dials our business lines and gets to talk with a machine as is fast becoming the norm; rather, you get to talk with a real person who is under obligation to ensure your business enquiry is well attended to, and professionally too.

We offer services to civil security and military organisations, the Police, Fire & Safety, National Emergency, Financial Institutions, Building & Construction, Governments, Transport & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Aeronautical industry, Maritime industry, Shopping Malls, Service Providers, Health Institutions, Private Telephone Operators, GSM Service Providers, Educational Institutions, Mining and Exploration, Corporate, and Private individuals.

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