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Meteorological Solutions

"A forecast is just the set of probabilities attached to a set of future events." -Baruch Fischhoff, American psychologist

Growing recognition of economic value of climate information to farmers, airline operators, investors, economist, security & defence agencies and other potential users, as well as changes in climate conditions present a great responsibility on the meteorological agency to shift from the traditional weather forecasting to providing predictions, projections and information with climate risk management and adaptation. Apart from the inherent benefits of such information to users, it will be useful in the management of national emergency situations and assist in preventing or mitigating damage to the economy.

Technologies have been identified as invaluable tool to effectively empower the meteorological agency toward meeting and discharging their job requirements and functions timely and efficiently. Voice & Data Technologies Limited is one solutions provider that is committed to providing state-of-the-art, future-proof communications solution that is capable of addressing the demanding information communication needs of the meteorological agency, especially in the face of climate changes.
Our understanding of the meteorological agency shows that most of the met stations are located in remote locations with poor or no telecommunications infrastructure. Our solar-powered VSAT Internet and High Frequency Radio systems are capable of providing voice and data link to these remote stations.

Specifically, our solutions to the meteorological agency include:

  • Aviation Radio communications system
  •  Satellite Data Distribution Systems (2G-SADIS)
  • HF Radio system for Voice/Data Link to remote station
  • Solar-powered VSAT Station for high speed Internet
  •  VoIP solution
  • Weather Monitoring and data transmission system
  • Thunderstorm and Upper-Air monitoring system
  • Automatic Weather broadcast system
  • Emergency & Adverse Weather Alert System
  • Automated Weather Observation System
  • Customs solutions


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