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Maritime Solution

Increase in seaborne trade has seen many countries embarking on port reforms to tap into a revenue pipeline that is rapidly repositioning international trade and development in world economy. More than ever, commercial and recreational users of coastal waters require effective and reliable means for facilitating emergency assistance, tracking of personnel and assets as quickly as possible and to readily access safety information that is current while operating with unrestricted mobility.

Voice & Data Technologies has a wealth of experience in maritime telecommunications solutions design and implementation. Activities of pirates and terrorists on territorial waterways have become a thing of concern to maritime operators, country regulators and the International Maritime Organisation. As is the case with other industries, technologies remain an effective solution to these problems.

We conduct critical need assessment with individual operator/regulator to ascertain specific need towards proffering IMO-standard maritime telecommunications solution that will fit into overall target objective of individual operator or regulator. Our solutions are aimed at empowering shipping and logistics companies with the power to connect and collaborate anywhere.

Also our deep understanding of the industry means maritime regulators can rely on our expertise and innovation to deliver on the expectations and specifications of the IMO on key projects bordering on regional coastal surveillance, maritime search and rescue coordinating centres for improved waterways security, port control and security, safety at sea and revenue generation.

Our core competencies to the maritime telecommunications industry include:

  • Regional Maritime Search & Rescue Coordinating Solution
  • Coastal Radio Station Solution
  • Waterways Video Surveillance Solution
  • Integrated Voice, Video, Contents and Wireless Communications Solution
  • Emergency Broadcast/Crisis Response Solution
  • Conventional Private Radio Networks (VHF, UHF & HF)
  • Digital Radio Networks (VHF, UHF & HF)
  • NAVTEX, GMDSS and SOLAS communications solution
  • IP-PBX systems with VoIP, linking remote offices for toll-free voice/data and mobile worker
  • Microwave Radio Systems
  • Radar and AIS Solution for Real-Time Ship Tracking
  • VSAT  Broadband Internet
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