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Government Solution

“The explosion in information technology which has ushered in the information age is increasingly becoming the basis for defining power in the modern world...”      Ernest Ndukwe

Our integrated government telecommunications solution suites are designed to lower government communications costs, reinvent the business of government through new ways of converging information and making it accessible over the networks and the Internet.

National Security
The War against robbery, terrorism, and other dangerous crimes has become a national concern such that internal security has taken a very prominent share in National budget.
Constant shortage of staff and resources necessitates the utilisation of alternative means of effective and efficient security of lives and property. One alternative that has proven efficient is Wireless Surveillance Solution for effective military operations, policing and monitoring.
Because we are not technology-specific, but solutions-driven, our team of innovative and creative experts thrives in the challenges of designing and implementing a custom, but result-oriented, state-of-the-art security information and telecommunications solution to meet specific agency requirements including mobile and fixed telecommunications solutions.

Our Flyaway Mobile Satellite solution is delivered preconfigured on any tough vehicle of your choice for military and police deployment in remote areas, and is ready to use within 3.5 minutes of finding and locking unto a satellite, with download speed of 5Mbps and upload speed of 2Mbps from Ground Control, our channel partner. It establishes a self-contained local area wireless “G” network (100’ radius) automatically with high quality low latency VoIP service.

Our Solutions to Government & National Security include:

  • Broadband/VSAT Internet solution - (optional Solar-powered for remote locations)
  • Networking
  • E-Government solution
  • Rural Telephony
  • Converged IP-PABX solution (Voice, data, video, with remote offices connectivity and wireless extensions)
  • Integrated Two-way Radio communications solutions (voice/data: VHF, UHF and HF SSB)
  • Wireless surveillance solution
  • Microwave Radio link (Voice, Data and E1)
  • Consultancy and support service
  • Wireless Intelligent solution for remote  data logging and control (for River Basins)
  • Call Alert and Tracking Solution
  • Inter-Agency Systems Interoperability
  • Voice encrypted VHF/UHF/HF communications systems
  • Portable Repeater systems
  • Portable Voice, Data, Internet solution (all in a brief case)
  • Flyaway Mobile VSAT Satellite Solution
  • Public Safety Communications Solutions
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