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Aviation Solution

Increase in seaborne trade has seen many countries embarking on port reforms to tap The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) reports that air transport plays a major role in the development of a globalise economy, with about US$D1.750 billion worth of goods transported internationally by air in 2004. The industry according to ATAG, generates about 470,000 jobs in Africa alone, and contributes more than US$D11.3 billion to African GDP (direct and induced impacts).

With this phenomenal growth notwithstanding, climate change and terrorist activities aimed at major world leading airports suggest that the present airport security, air traffic and weather communications infrastructure is crossly inadequate to address the menace and improve on the gains of this industry.

At Voice & Data Technologies we design, and implement a resilient, efficient and future-proof communications solutions that are pivotal to sustaining the growth of the aviation industry. Our state-of-the-art technologies deliver on critical products and service offerings to the Air Defence Department, Civil Aviation Authorities, Meteorological Agency, and Air Lines Operators.

Our solution suites for the aviation industry include:

  • ATC Tower Console
  • VHF, UHF, and HF radio communications systems – Voice/Data
  • Real time Aircraft tracking solutions
  • ATC Area Control Centre Consoles
  • Voice Communications and Control Systems
  • Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Networks (AFTN)
  • Voice Logging systems
  • Total Radio Coverage Solutions (VHF, UHF and HF solutions)
  • Ground-to-Air and Ground-to-Ground
  • Microwave Radio link (E1 and data)
  • Mobile control towers
  • Wireless Video Surveillance solutions
  • Digital Radio Network for Airport Security Operations
  • VSAT and broadband Internet
  • IP-PABX and Wireless Access connectivity
  • IP and analogue Hands-free Intercom systems
  • Industry standard support services
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