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About Us

Voice & Data Technologies is a leader in the delivery of covergence, secure,  and Interoperable communications solutions solutions to the corporate, governmental , land-mobile, maritime, aviation, civil and military applications.

Specifically, our solution competencies include:

  • Integrated and Stand-alone Maritime telecommunications solutions
  • Long Range HF Communications Solution
  • Integrated and Stand-alone Aviation telecommunications solution
  • Tactical communications
  • Motorised (Mobile) Control Tower
  • Broadband/VSAT Internet solution (Solar-powered VSAT for Rural Areas)
  • Meteorological telecommunications solution
  • Rural Telephony (Wireless Local Loop)
  • Wireless IP-Surveillance solution
  • Converged IP-PABX solution (Voice, data, video, with remote offices connectivity and wireless extensions)
  • Voice & Fax Solution over GSM networks
  • Conventional and Digital Two-way Radio communications solutions (voice/data: VHF, UHF and HF SSB)
  • Link Repeater systems
  • Microwave Radio link (Voice, Data and E1)
  • Consultancy and support service
  • Wireless Intelligent remote monitoring, data logging and control (SCADA)(for River Basins)

At Voice & Data Technologies, taking order comes next; we begin with business consultancy service at no cost to our customer toward achieving a consultative mind set over a given project. A key tool in achieving this is our Needs Assessment (NA). By this concept, we demonstrate to our customers that we are willing to invest our time and resources to really understand their need toward proffering the best solution in order to jointly achieve company's set culture, motivation and overall business objectives.

Our strict adherence to the Needs Assessment concept is based on the premise that due to proliferation of technologies, absence of entrepreneurial commitment to project management, and dearth of expertise in service delivery, key service differentiations are not always clearer to customers. We are focused and excel at what we do. We are passionate about our business. Our knowledge-based resources are the best you can find because they form the basis for our excellence in the industry. Absence of bureaucracy means our customers are treated as the king they really are, after all, they keep us in business and this is due to our small, focused and creative size. We operate “Customer-First” mind set, we have a passion for excellence, a willingness to dream and innovatively create solution to every telecommunications problems and we have the freedom to make timely decisions to ensure your business operations are optimised.

Our emphasis is on creating a symbiotic relationship with our clients, a relationship that far transcends exchange of products and money to a relationship that is sustainable, technically supporting and dependable at all times. Besides, telecommunications technology business is quickly moving away from a transactional sales model to a service model and this accounts for why we are not technology-specific, but solution-driven
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